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The War Against Bacteria That Cause Diseases in Dairy Farms

At the robotic dairy farm at Beit Shearim, Israel (run by Mr. Eran Marmor, a third generation dairy farmer) equipment for purifying water by magnetic Bio-Hi-Tech was installed in order to treat for lime deposits and to convert the dairy water into magnetized water. Up until the installation, tests of filters found 7,000 e-coli were found per cubic centimeter. Today after the installation of the magnetic Bio-Hi-Tech equipment of Aqua Soft, tests by Mr. Marmor and the Health Ministry, only 2,000 e-coli were found per cubic centimeter. This is to say that the amount of the diseases causing bacteria in dairy farms was reduced significantly in addition it was tested and found that the number of somatic cells in the milk was also reduced.

The scientific explanation for the better efficiency of the disinfecting and cleaning equipment in the dairy farm: Magnetized water increases the influence of sub-caloric sodium in the disinfection process. In addition the magnetized water preserved the level of disinfectants in the water longer than in ordinary water. Laboratory tests show that magnetized water increases the efficiency of the disinfectant. In other words, water that has undergone the Bio-Hi-Tech magnetic process of Aqua Soft stabilizes the pH level. It dissolves and mixes the disinfectants and chemicals better in the water and improves the efficiency of the dairy equipment against the disease causing bacteria.

One of the dangers in a dairy farm is the outbreak of chronic disease in cows, among them udder infection (mastpilococus orius). There are bacteria that develop in the udder tissues of cows causing this disease a syndrome that causes infections and the milk to undergo organolyptic changes (taste, smell, color, and texture). Other bacteria can also pass through the udder in the milk (malta tubrcolosis, lyptospirosis, leucosis and Q-malaria) There are also “environmental bacteria” that pollute the milk from the environment poisoning the milk and causing disease. However there are also other bacteria that exist in milk without causing immediate harm to the milk or its users.
Treatment, cleaning and filtering of water by the magnetic Bio-Hi-Tech greatly reduces the number of bacteria colonies, secreted by feces and are present in the dairy equipment. The magnetized water, chemical free, separates and exterminates bacteria and other cells that cause disease, by altering the ionic charge thereby improving the quality of the milk and considerably reducing the somatic cells in the milk.

Other findings at the Marmor dairy farm: cows drink more water today than in the past and so are healthier. The entrepreneur and dairy farmer Marmor found less infections and hair loss in the cows, no whit spots on their backs from lime and they look better. Their skins are glossier; they breathe better and are more alert, another finding – an increase of milk production of the dairy.

The General Manager of Aqua Soft, Mayer Fitoussi, claims that “Drinking water that is purified and filtered by magnetic Bio-Hi-Tech is tastier to the cows and increases milk production.” It is known that cows are sensitive to smell and taste hence improving the taste and smell increases their attraction to water. The Marmor dairy found that cows preferred the Aqua Soft water (it was possible to clearly see the large quantities of micro metallic particles and other pollutants present in the Aqua Soft system and filter when dismantled and cleaned at the Marmor Dairy farm.

The new technology eliminates the odor of chlorine and traps pollutants in the filter thus increasing the solvency of minerals in the water and the passing of nutrients. It also improves the taste and smell and increases water consumption in the dairy. The increased consumption of the naturally cleaned and purified water improves digestion, prevents multiplying of harmful bacteria and reduces the need for medication.


Water that has undergone magnetic Bio-Hi-Tech purification can help dairy farms in several ways.
a Treat and prevent udder infection and milk tuberculosis.
a Treat and prevent diseases by means of cell and hormonal protection.
a Improve the physical condition of cows and calves at birthing and after.
a Improve by-products if the dairy by reducing odors, flies and improving the quality of the waste matter.
a Reduce environmental pollution caused by the use of chemicals in the dairy.
a Energy saving, 10% reduction in water heating costs.
a Additional saving in wear and tear expenses due to less rust and corrosion.

The dairy owner gets additional value without the use of polluting chemicals and no maintenance costs along with increased dairy production.

The cost of a magnetic Bio-Hi-Tech system for improving the conditions for dairy owners and his dairy and to receive maximum output, recommended to install a filter for each drinking trough.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Aqua farming, possibilities and dangers?
    I am doing a project on aqua farming :possibilities and dangers for my biology class, but i am having a hard time finding articles and research on the topic.
    So first of, what is aqua farming?

    Im suppose to relate it to how it can affect the ecosystem, the environment, humans all that, the pros and cons.
    does any one know any articles about it? I cant find them any thing that explains it well.

    And anything else you can tell me to help me out

    thanks =}

    • ANSWER:
      Aqua farming = aquaculture.

      Aquaculture can have profound effects on ecosystems depending on the type and density of culture..

      For aquarium species, the positive aspect of aquaculture is to reduce collection prssures on wild species. However, the main negative aspect is the introduction of non-native animals into ecosystems where they have the potential to escape and become invasive species.

      For Food species:
      Increased amounts of certain fish/shellfish species for human consumption; decreases in ecological pressures on these species due to overfishing; lower harvesting costs and ease of harvesting can lead to cheaper products and hence more food for poorer populations.

      The bio-load of farmed species that overwhelm the ability of the local ecosystem to accommodate, due to: 1) feeding, digestion and excretion of farmed species leading to increases in wastes and uneaten foods, 2) the increased density of farmed species leading to increased populations of parasitic/disease organisms that can decimate the farmed species and/or move from farmed species onto local species.

      There is a lot of effort to move aquaculture into the open oceans whereby a lot of the negatives are ameliorated.

      Try these links.

    what is sea ranching or aqua range farming???

    • ANSWER:
      Aquaculture is the cultivation of the natural produce of water (fish, shellfish, algae and other aquatic organisms). The term is distinguished from fishing by the idea of active human effort in maintaining or increasing the number of organisms involved, as opposed to simply taking them from the wild. Subsets of aquaculture include Mariculture (aquaculture in the ocean); Algaculture (the production of kelp/seaweed and other algae); Fish farming (the raising of catfish, tilapia and milkfish in freshwater And Brackish ponds or salmon in marine ponds); and the growing of cultured pearls.

    Aqua farms?
    do you agree or disagree of having aquafarms?

    • ANSWER:
      You can’t farm water. If you mean aquaponics as i’m guessing, than yes I do agree with them. It’s fairly novel yet simple way of maintaining a farm ecologically.

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