Aquaponics Plans

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Diy Aquaponics Plans

A set of good easy to follow Aquaponics plans is essential if you intend to build your own aquaponic system. If you take a look on you tube you will find a lot of videos about the subject but none are really clear enough to follow properly.

Once you have got your hands on some DIY aquaponics plans the rest is plain sailing. If the plans are up to scratch they will show you how to source materials for every part of your system for free or at the least very cheap.

In fact the most expensive part of an aquaponic system is the fish tank. The reason being that you need to buy one with a decent filter that will remove any solids from the water before they reach your plants.

The set up works in an ongoing cycle which goes like this. First the water is taken from your fish tank where it is filtered to remove the solids (fish poop) it is then passed through the grow beds of your plants, this feeds your plants and cleans the water.

The water returns to the tank via angled pipes with the help of some good old gravity and the cycle begins again. Your DIY aquaponics plans will help you to set this up in no time flat.

The beauty of your new organic garden is that it grows plants two times faster than normal and that because your plants are above ground level there is no chance of slug attack. The risk of back ache is also minimal because the plants can be sown at waist level.

As mentioned earlier the DIY aquaponics plans will save you a fortune on parts especially for an outdoor system. An indoor set up will still be quite cheap but being as it is inside your house it’s best to use newer parts for ornamental value. Whereas an outdoor aquaponic system can be put together for next to nothing because looks are not overly important.

The last thing you should ever do is attempt to build your own aquaponic system without any plans because the chances are that it will fail. The balance needed to keep your fish healthy and keep your plants nourished is delicate and a set of good DIY Aquaponics plans will hold your hand and make sure your set up works well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    can i use mollies in aquaponics?
    i have a 10 gallon tank with 9 adult mollies and 3 baby’s and im looking to start a aquaponics system using the mollies im going to have a grow bed above the tank with a drip system i plan on growing peppers and tomatoes any info would be great
    im not going to use dirt im using hydroton grow medium

    • ANSWER:
      Not a good idea at all, any soil you buy from a store will have some sort of fertilizer in it and fertilizer is VERY toxic to fish. Also, it would be impossible to keep the tank cycled properly with new water constantly coming through. The fish will not live for so many reasons. Same yourself the time, money and disappointment… Fish keeping and gardening are two hobby’s best kept separate :-)

      Edit – There are still a lot of reasons this won’t work

    water dragon question.?
    how well can a water dragon swim? i have an aquaponics system that i plan to keep going year round. i would like to incorporate a water dragon tank into the system. i would have the water that is filtered through the plants to go into the dragon’s tank, creating a waterfall and a pool that will be about 2 feet deep, 2 feet wide, and 3 feet long. the water would slowly drain back into the fish tank, as will the fecal matter of the dragon, witch will later be collected and filtered through the plants. i would also be able to throw in some excess gold fish that produce, and i have a lot, into the dragons pool. my worry is if the dragon would drown or not. the drain would be small and at the bottom to collect the dragons crap. does this sound safe to water dragon owners?

    • ANSWER:
      Water dragons are great swimmers and can actually hold their breath underwater for up to 20 minutes or so. It’s wonderful to have an aquatic system set up in his cage, as long as there is plenty of land in addition to water. The thing you’ll want to be careful of is making sure he can’t get toes/feet caught in the drain, or get sucked onto the drain, and not be able to get out. Good Luck!

    Pumping water without electricity?
    Im building a greenhouse, and I want to put a Aquaponics system in it, but for the aquaponics I need a pump. I’m not using electricity from my house for it,so no electric pumps, and im not installing a generator. So I need a way to move water about 4 feet vertically, without electricity.
    Also- I plan on making it, not buying it, and as cheap as possible.

    • ANSWER:
      I assume that the water you wish to pump is stationery and not the town supply.

      You could make a reciprocating or plunger pump and drive it from a windmill or you could drive a water bucket wheel with a windmill.

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