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Building A Hydro Generator

A hydro generator is basically a machine and its function is to generate electricity through water power. In fact it is quite easy to build a mini hydro generator, one will definitely feel proud of having the ability to produce power from nature. This is a fairly common method that is used in some households and this is also similar to the use of convertible solar energy.

Materials Needed
Some of the materials needed for this project are motor generator, garden pipe, wire coils, water wheel and light-emitting-diode (LED). This project uses a similar system which is used in bigger hydro generators that transmit electric supply to homes and commercial locations.

Following is a step by step procedure to build a hydro generator.

1- The major priority id water source, it should be obtained from a reservoir or river located close. The hydroelectric potential of the source has to be determined before constructing anything else. Generally, the flow or movement of water generates electric power. This explains the reason why waterfalls or powerful gushing rivers are good sources. The running of water rotates the blades.
2- The rotating wheel is then connected to AC generator. This helps the rotor to spin. The rotor is connected to powerful magnets inside the wire coils. The spinning of magnets cause electricity to flow through wires set up earlier. This factually shows that the fast movement of water is converted into electrical energy. The energy source can be used for various purposes. Soon, one will pay less for electricity and will be able to enjoy this new found electric source.

3- For testing the efficiency level of the generator, LED is used. It will show a light when electricity is generated. These small generators are very useful for small environments. Water dams are constructed for the very same purpose for converting water energy into electrical energy.

The operating cost of this type of generator is very cheap than using non-renewable sources like fuel, gas or coal. Another benefit is that the electric supply can be spread to places that are far away using complicated wiring system. Some common steps are listed here to build a hydro generator. Other ways are also available to build such a device, some use easy-to-find household products. A similar building method is also used by many science projects although it is not too much complex in nature. It is a good exposure for students because they can now build their own electricity generator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How is Duterium (heavy water) derived as a by-product of Hydro-electric generation?
    During the 1939-45 world conflict, the Germans harvested Duterium,a vital element for thier atomic bomb development program supplied from a Hydro-electricity generating plant at Telemark in Norway.

    Why and how does the process produce this wierd substance which is almost undistinguishable fro H2O but so ominous in it’s potential?

    • ANSWER:
      the duterium production just happened to be located at a hydro-electric plant, its not a by-product of electricity generation.

      duterium in itself is harmless. it naturally occurs in water. to increase the percentage of duterium in normal water, you split the water into hydrogen and oxygen by passing an electric current through it. normal water splits very easily, duterium does not.

    How many cities does Niagara falls supply with energy through hydro electricity?
    Can you please name them?

    Really appreciate it.

    • ANSWER:
      It’s very hard to say exactly where a city or location receives is electrical power because of the nature of power flow. The electrical energy from Niagara Falls is generated to the power grid and pretty much goes on the paths of least resistance to the nearest load sources. Any extra will flow across the Interconnection to serve other load.

      Another way to ask the question is how many homes can the MW generated by Niagara Falls supply? The standard rule is 1MW can supply about 800 homes with electricity.

      Found this website specific to Niagara Falls, which may help…


    2 micro hydro in series with one water supplier?
    If I used a 2X Micro Hydro generators which are serviced by a pipe of water which supplies sufficient water for it to work and further down I use the 2nd generator of the same type who will get the same amount of water from the first generator thus doing the same to the second generator,will I get both working at same potential? Thank you for your replies in advance.
    Thanks Sufi. Will a pump between the two generators made up the loss of the pressure as the water reaches number 2 generator?

    • ANSWER:

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